Within School Leader Vacancy – Start date beginning of the 2022 school year

Te Kahui Ako o Taranaki Mohoao is seeking experienced teachers for the above fixed term role. We are looking for teachers who can build productive collaboration to help the Kahui Ako meet its student achievement challenges.

The Purpose of the Role:

The new role will provide a dedicated point of reference for kaiako/teacher as they grapple with problems of practice in order to lift ākonga/student achievement. The role will offer a guide for kaiako/teachers as they develop their own capabilities by making explicit effective approaches to teaching as inquiry. Kaiako/teachers in this new role will demonstrate and discuss how they draw on a range of professional resources to adapt what they do and incorporate innovative strategies in response to ākonga/student needs and strengths. They will work directly with other kaiako/teachers including those who come from other kura/schools in their Kahui Ako to help identify and respond to challenges in practice and support the Kahui Ako objectives.  Strengths or a willingness to learn in the Cultural Capacity space an advantage.

To request an editable application form please ask your principal or contact:

Applications close on Monday 8th November – 4pm