Structured Literacy Resources


SL Online Hui#1

Explicitly Teaching Vocabulary during a Picture Book & The Better Start Literacy Approach

SL Online Hui with Tamara Dahm #4 – 3/3/22

Discussing assessment, scope and sequence.

SL Online Hui#2

Introduction to orthographic mapping and practical ways to implement it into your classroom.

SL Online Hui#3

Teaching Reading Fluency

Must have Documents

SL Hui #5 – A Structured Approach to Spelling 1/7/22

Tamara Dahm (Massey University) has shared to slide deck from her PLD about the importance of a structured approach to spelling.

Building Word Knowledge

This block activity
helps give learners a bridge from the abstract to the concrete. The blocks
form a bridge between the abstract concept of phonemes and the concrete representation with graphemes.

SL Teacher Talk Bubbles

Scripted steps in sequence to help guide a SL session.



Useful Videos

The Speech Sounds of New Zealand English – Emma Nahna

A demonstration of the sounds in NZ English.

Phonics Plus

Videos exploring each of the Phonics Plus Stages by CORE Education.

The Brain Prize Presents: Stanislas Dehaene

Prof. Stanislas Dehaene talks about how reading takes place in the brain.

Sunshine Decodables

Professional development video about using decodables. Suitable for kaiako and parents.
(Currently you need to make a request to view – click here).

Phonics Video 6 – Blending and Articulation

By CORE Education using Phonics Plus.

Ready to Read Phonics Plus Video Guides

The Overview videos introduces the whole series and explains the scope and sequence it follows.
Click here for various videos

Useful Websites/Online Resources

Better Start Literacy Approach
Better Start Literacy Approach

The Better Start Literacy Approach, is an integrated classroom literacy approach for Year 0/1 classrooms to support children’s early reading, writing and oral language success.

Learning MattersLeap Into Literacy
Learning Matters
Leap Into Literacy

Learning Matters provides bite-sized and practical foundational literacy activities you can do with your children.

Sound Foundations - Emma Nahna
Sound Foundations – Emma Nahna

Emma’s YouTube channel has great videos including the ‘Teach Blending not Blends’ video mentioned in SL Hui#2

Better Start Literacy Approach
The Education Hub

A resource developed in partnership with Tātai Angitu at Massey University, led by Dr Christine Braid. It provides examples of how the principles of effective literacy instruction in early primary school can be enacted in the classroom.

Word Chains NZ
Word Chains NZ

‘Wordchain is a series of comprehensive apps focused on building capable, confident Kiwi readers and writers! Created in Aotearoa New Zealand, it features New Zealand accents’. 

UFLI Literacy Toolbox
UFLI Literacy Toolbox

Fabulous free resources to support you in the classroom.

Better Start Literacy Approach
TKI – Literacy Online

Resources for the Ready to Read Phonics Plus Series.

Really Great Reading Letter Tiles
Really Great Reading Letter Tiles

Online letter tiles that can be good for online learning.

Phonic Books UK
Phonic Books UK

Lots of great free resources to support SL and a range of books for older readers.